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        Enterprise Culture

        Established in 2000, Sample Technology has been adhering, for decades, to the core values of "Talents, Karma and Integrity". It kept innovating and pioneering all the way to continuously lead the industry.


        Ethics, Righteousness and Solidarity

        The ethics requires company to be honest and trustworthy in treating customers, employees, partners, suppliers and society as a whole.The righteousness requires company to set up a target and stick to with persistence and resilience, never easily give up because of difficulty.The solidarity refers to the teamwork mindset, shore up the short planks, cooperate to endure the long journey, accommodate the competitions and challenges from outside the company.

        CORE IDEA


        Talents, Karma and Integrity

        Talents: No talents, no prosperity

        Karma: Nothing is impossible without Karma.

        Integrity: Integrity makes a decent person.


        ADD:No.10 Maqun Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China   
        TEL:025-84356666   FAX:025-84356677 | Mail:irm@samples.cn
        irm@samples.cn 025-84356666
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